Data news: 10/02/2021


We would like to make you aware about the emergency situation relating to the ocean traffic, occurring in Italy
from a few weeks.
We have been experiencing challenges in booking shipments due to the shortage of containers and space
availability on vessels.

There are many factors that are causing this situation:
• Concentration of the SS line equipment on China-USA and China-Africa markets
• Increase of imports into the USA (we have been reported an increase of approx. 330% compared to last
• Covid 19 has made the operations of many ports (i.e. Long Beach and Indian ports) precarious
• Heavy congestion at some important port hubs (Colombo, Singapore, Piraeus etc.)

The result of the interaction between all these factors is really tragic:
• Delays and consequent cancellations of departures both for Asia and North America
• Increase of maritime charges and the introduction of EIS (equipment imbalance surcharge) and PSS (peak
season surcharge)
• Heavy shortage of available equipment
• Reduction of space in the hold. Diminished in an important way because of the reduced frequency /

If all this is added to a significant increase in export, you can understand why space on the first available vessels for
USA, Canada and Mexico can only be reserved for departures at the beginning of March (3 weeks later after this
communication). This is just an example as these problems affect more or less every destination and more or less

Our port agents state that they have never experienced such a situation in many years of life in the shipping.
We would highly recommend to:

• Plan and book shipments with the widest possible notice
• Warn customers and clients that there could be delays in departures / arrivals and consider longer transit
times than the usual ones.
• Consider that this situation will certainly generate additional costs apart from possible sudden freight and
surcharge increases , i.e. shipments might need being held at the warehouse until it is possible to secure
a container and book space on a vessel
V&S staff is at your disposal to find together with you all the possible solutions that can in some way try to minimalize any issue.